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Chancay/Rucuy Hydroelectric Power Plant, Peru

Commissioning of Hydroelectric Power Plant...

In February 2013 INGOS Ltd. signed contracts with SINERSA SA company and Empresa Administradora Chungar SAC for delivery and installation of electrical and control part on hydro power plant CHANCAY (SINERSA) and associated plant RUCUY (Chungar) in Peru, Huaral district. Both power plants are connected to the penstock by length approx. 1300 m, which is supplied by the system of derivation water conduits in total length approx. 13 km.

Part of the system channels is control equipment for reservoir, sand trap, intake and headpond, all equipped with PLC with communication to the plant. Water head is 650m, there are installed four horizontal units altogether with Pelton Turbine and synchronous generator, 10MW each.

Delivery consists of 60kV HV, MV and LV equipment, complete control and protection system of both HPPs and common dispatch centre with large monitors and SCADA screens.  HV equipment includes 60kV feeder with current and potential transformers, circuit breaker combined with disconnector - COMPASS module ABB made and 40MW transformer WEG.

MV equipment is based on two 13.8kV ZS1-ABB switchgears consists of 5 feeders each. LV control and protection panels are products of INGOS, control system is based on PLC AC-800 and electrical protection system contains GE relays. Power plant is supplied by aux. transformer 160kVA, 110VDC back-up system is managed by batteries supplied by ELTEK invertors.  

Intercommunication between intake objects and both power plants is managed by ring fiber optic line incorporated in 20kV overhead line for power supply of water channel system objects. Project was commissioned in August 2016 with verified technical parameters according to the design.