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HPLC autosamplers

Autosampler LCS 5040

LCS 5040 autosampler can be fitted with a disc carrying up to 80 samples. The particular version of the disc must be specified by the customer at the time of placing the order, taking into consideration that on one device two discs can be combined - the first always to be for 25 samples, and the second either for 40 or 80 samples. Samples can be cooled by Peltier elements to an ambient temperature minus 24°C. The sample is pumped from the tube into an exchangeable fixed loop on the selected volumes in the range 5UL - 1 ml, and in the required time is injected into the high-pressure hydraulic liquid chromatograph. Between sampling the needle and loop are washed and dried. Sampler is equipped with a six-way valve SV 11. Autosampler LCS 5040 is fully controllable by freeware CHROMuLAN or commercial software Clarity (Clarity Demo download).


Types of discs for samples 25 pcs 1.5 ml micro text tubes or 25 pcs 1.5 ml glass vials
  40 pcs 0.5 ml micro text tubes or 40 pcs 0.8 ml glass vials
  80 pcs 0.5 ml micro text tubes or 80 pcs 0.8 ml glass vials
Loop 5ul - 1ml, fix
Cooling Peltier elements - ambient temperature up to minus 24°C


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Manual sample injection valve SV 11


Manual sample injection valve SV 11 is equipped with manually switchable six-way valve, allowing the insertion of the sample syringe. The valve is equipped with a magnetic switch to start the analysis in the control program. This type of dosage is recommended for work with low dosing frequency, e.g. for educational purposes in schools and scientific purposes as well.