HPLC detectors



This detector is designed for analytical and preparative HPLC. Light source consisting of deuterium and halogen lamp and monochromator, provides setting of variable wavelengths in the range 190-700nm. LCD 5000 is a detector with high precision and reproducibility of the wavelength, with low noise and drift. Replacing of the standard analytical cell, it can be suitable for preparative chromatography, and also of the micro column chromatography. It is also used for measuring of the absorbance in a flow cell wherever it is possible to suck the sample into the cuvette and measure the absorbance, both at one wavelength and in the partial spectrum. This detector is fully controllable by freeware CHROMuLAN or commercial software Clarity (Clarity Demo download).

range of wavelengths 190-700nm
wavelength accuracy ±1nm
wavelength reproducibility ±0,1nm
noise ±1E-5AU
drift ±5E-4AU/h
cell 5mm, 5ul



UV LCD 5254

This is a simple detector with variable wavelength 190-370nm with a standard deuterium lamp. This detector is fully controllable by freeware CHROMuLAN or commercial software Clarity.


RI LCR 5000

Differential detector RI LCR 5000 offers sensitivity, stability and reproducibility of the optimum RI detection. Heat exchanger and isolated optics with a programmable temperature provides stable baseline and optimal signal/noise ratio. The detector also offers the function AutoPurge and AutoZero. This detector is fully controllable by commercial software Clarity.

  Analytical version Semi-preparative version
RIU range 1-1.75 1-1.75
linear range 0-1000ul RIU 0-2000ul RIU
noise 5E-9RIU 10E-8RIU
drift 1mV/hod 1mV/hod
flow 0.2-5ml/min 5-50ml/min
cell 9ul, 45° 13ul, 5°
temperature 35-55°C 35-55°C