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Control systems and software

Control systems designs and deliveries for various applications such as operating values scanning, partial control circuits and data transmission as well as deliveries of operator’s and dispatcher’s control panels, including visualisation SW.

Power engineering

  • hydroelectric power plants and power distribution control

Water management

  • water treatment plants, water tanks, and wastewater treatment plants control

Prague Subway technologies and power control

- LV distribution and MAC as parts of technology and power dispatching management automated systems.

Building management systems

  • systems for air handling, air conditioning and heating systems measurement and control

Thermal engineering

  • control systems for combined power and heat generation stations control, heat recuperation, combined heat and cold supply equipment, refrigerant tank, biogas plant

Our control systems are delivered with:

  • control and management software applications
  • graphic visualisation SW for operator - controlled technology communication
  • software applications controlling technological facilities such as small hydroelectric power plants, water treatment and wastewater treatment plants, exchanger stations, subway technologies, etc.


Should you decide to order equipment for creating industrial or comfort environment in certain premises or a control system for specific technology, we can assure you that complex system operation will meet your expectations.