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Hydroelectric power plants

INGOS Ltd. specializes in water turbines and hydroelectric power plants control systems, dams and weirs monitoring systems and SCADA systems software applications.

Turbine Governors

The START-SM digital governor is designed for all types of turbines and is supplied as part of the plant control system. The governor provides control of turbine hydraulic elements during its operation and shutdown, including the distributor - runner blades relationship (cam curve) for Kaplan turbines. The governor provides these main control options:

  • Distributor gate position control
  • Runner position control
  • Speed control (during synchronization, isolated network operation, network parallel operation)
  • Flow control
  • Water level control
  • Power control

The signal interchange between governor and control system is performed via bus interface (e.g. Profibus, ModbusTCP). Besides signals and commands transmission there are also hardware binary inputs and outputs for emergency status signalization.

The governors cover also all necessities for diagnostics for all measurement equipment, stay vanes, runner blades, speed, flow and control actuators. The governor is equipped with a „watch-dog“ circuit monitoring function - during governor malfunction or when communication with the plant control system is lost, machine shutdown is executed.

The governor hardware is performed by industrial PLC.

Excitation Controllers

The AVR-TENEL type TE-5301 and TE-5402 excitation microprocessor controllers provide excitation for all types of synchronous generators (brushless, with exciter, with static excitation) and all necessary control modes.

Hydroelectric Power Plant Control Systems

Our control systems provide:

  • Controlled technological equipment automated operation
  • Operation optimization
  • High operation reliability
  • Operation data archiving

The plant process station provides:

  • Automatic start-up and shutdown sequence
  • Automatic shutdown for failures and emergencies, evaluation and archivation of such events
  • Island operation
  • Start of the plant after black-out conditions

SCADA Systems

  • The system indicates equipment conditions using animated technological process diagrams, all measured and calculated values current and historical trends, all errors and alarms
  • The systems keeps an operator logbook with automatic recording of all equipment statuses
  • Post-mortem system identifies causes of equipment errors; all data are archived for default time periods (months, years)
  • A web server for safe monitoring via the Internet
  • Remote monitoring, control and diagnostics