RVO 400

Rotary vacuum evaporator RVO 400

Rotary evaporator RVO 400 is a high-quality, secure and easy to use device of sturdy construction. RVO 400 represents a new generation of intelligent evaporators, which saves your time and provide the safest possible evaporation. Parameters and performance of these evaporators meet the current needs of discerning users.

RVO 400 is fitted with an electric lift of the bath, precise control of rotation and allows the use of evaporating flasks up to 4000 ml. RVO 400 allows adjustment of thermal and pressure gradients, vacuum control, possibility to use wireless remote control and intuitive evaporation PC software.

Rotation can be set from 0, 10 - 280 rpm. The evaporator bath can be heated in the range between ambient up to 100°C (or to 180°C) for the water (or oil) with the control accuracy of ± 1°C (100°C). The stroke of the bath is realized by electric lift, thereby providing safer and more comfortable operation. The stroke of the lift can be easily adjusted by a limit stop. Flasks can be selected in the ranges of 20 - 4000 ml for evaporation and 250 - 2000 ml for collecting flask. The basic kit includes an evaporating flask of 1000 and 2000 ml and receiving flask of 1000 ml. All glass parts can be offered in a version with plastic safety coating. The whole glass assembly can be tilted by a lever in the range of ± 20°. The device is already in the basic version equipped with bath temperature and pressure gradients and allows direct control of the vacuum pump. On request of the customer, the accuracy and reproducibility of evaporation can be increased by vapor temperature sensor, control the evaporation process by wireless remote control and equip the evaporator with a safety guard for increased comfort and operator safety.



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