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Building management systems

In this field we provide:

  • Project documentation in air-handling and air-conditioning, heating, cooling, heat and cold distribution, measurement and control, and power distribution
  • Complete deliveries and installations of air-handling, air-conditioning, heating and cooling facilities
  • Air distribution system, incl. accessories and terminal distribution elements
  • Heat and cold distribution, incl. pumping stations, armature and other accessories
  • MAC and power distributions for the above mentioned equipment
  • Complete engineering for building management systems

Air-handling, cooling, heating, construction activities

We offer especially:

  • Expertise and expert opinions
  • Design, engineering and deliveries related to building management systems (mainly for air handling, air conditioning, cooling, heating, heat and cold distribution, measurement and control, and power distribution)
  • Purpose studies
  • Construction permit documentation
  • Implementation documentation
  • Coordination, development plans
  • Engineering and agency activities related to full-range investment construction preparation
  • Environment l impacts documentation
  • Agency services – preparing tender documentation and selection of suppliers