RVO 004

Rotary vacuum evaporator RVO 004

Rotary evaporator RVO 004 is a quality, secure and easy to use device of sturdy construction. RVO 004 represents a new range of simple evaporators, which saves your time and provides safer evaporation. Parameters and performance of these evaporators meet the current needs of discerning users.

RVO 004 is a technically simpler type of evaporator, whose rotation can be set from 20 - 160 rpm. Bath of the evaporator can be heated in the range between ambient up to 100°C for the water with the control accuracy of ± 1°C. RVO 004 is fitted with a manual lift of the bath, which is manually locked after handling. Flasks can be selected in the ranges of 20 - 4000 ml for evaporation and 250 - 2000 ml for collecting flask. For the basic kit it is recommended to include 1000 ml and 2000 ml evaporating flasks and 1000 ml receiving flasks. All glass parts can be offered in a version with a plastic safety coating. The whole glass assembly can be tilted with a lever in the range of ± 20°.

Upon request, the model RVO 004 can be provided with security cover for increased operator´s comfort and safety.

On request it is also possible to equip RVO 004 with an alternative bath - bath construction differs by different regulatory element. We also offer a version with electronic regulation and analogue settings without a display or with electronic regulation, digital setting with a memory and display, and furthermore a version with a bath including an external regulation. All these baths can be used separately for different purposes than to evaporate (see TVL 004).


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