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HPLC column oven

LCT 5100 Column oven

The heat distribution is made throughout the aluminum block. The distribution system of heating energy is implemented through an aluminum block. Heating and cooling functions are ensured through Peltier elements. The control module of the column oven can, apart from the column oven, measure or regulate the temperature at other two points. In the basic version, we offer temperature control up to 80°C, but on request we can deliver version with temperature control up to 100°C. On the request of the customer it is equally possible to change the standard three section version (e.g. in two sections). All variations of this column oven are fully controllable by freeware CHROMuLAN or commercial software Clarity (Clarity Demo download).

  LCT 5100
Working temperature 0-80°C or 0-100°C
Thermo stating area 320×25×25 320×25×18 320×25×14 or 320×25×25 320×25×25 or according to customer´s requirements


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