TVL 15

Thermostatic water bath TVL 15

Thermostatic water bath TVL 15 is designed for preparation and heating of samples at temperatures up to 80°C (or 100°C with the use of the lid). With the precision of the temperature ±0.5°C (or ±1°C) is applicable wherever need for high reproducibility conditions is during repeated applications. The bath volume of 15 l is made of stainless steel. Heater and temperature sensors are located under the tank, which allows the use of heat in sand or other media. The bath is equipped with automatic shut-off heating after a preset time is achieved and with double lock against overheating. Bath allows you to set the timer up to 99 hours in steps of 1 minute and to set the two most exposed temperature and heating time values in the two memory slots. The bath can also be supplied with various accessories such as lids, tube holders and other accessories.

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