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Corani, Unit 5, hydroelectric power station, 2018

Civil part - Design and construction of powerhouse (extension of existing powerhouse) and penstock.

Mechanical part - Design and supply of horizontal Pelton turbine, generator with accessories, ball valves DN 800.

Electrical part - Design and supply of complete HV, MV and LV equipment for an output of 1 × 18 MVA, design and supply power plant automation and SCADA system.

In April 2016 a contract for upgrade the hydroelectric power plant Corani in Bolivia was signed. This is a turnkey project consisting of the extension of the existing hydropower plant with four units for fifth 18MVA unit.

The part of the contract is an extension of the existing machine hall, construction of a new outlet channel and connection of the water inlet pipe to the existing pair of penstocks, including anchorage blocks and penstock valves.

Part of delivery is a complete  electro - mechanical part of the new unit - horizontal Pelton turbine and generator, penstock valves, HV feeder for connection to the existing 115kV substation, transformer 18MVA, 10kV switchgear for generator feeder and own consumption, low-voltage switchgear for main and backup power supply, control system, electric protection system and generator excitation system.

Process of the construction of the under structure of the machine house and the supporting columns of the upper structure:

  • 8/2018

  • 6/2018

  • 5/2018

  • 4/2018

  • 3/2018

  • 1-2/2018

  • 11/2017

  • 9-10/2017

  • 7-8/2017

  • 3-6/2017

  • l-2/2017