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Labe - Hradec Králové I (Hučák), small hydro power plant

Hučák on the Labe Hydro Power Plant - Overhaul, Reconstruction and Modernisation...

In December, 2019 modernisation of a small hydro power plant (Hučák) on the Elbe (Labe) in Hradec Králové was completed. The plant concerned is a historic one, which commenced its operation as early as in 1912. Three Francis turbines are installed in the power plant, each with power output of 270kW. The modernisation carried out in 2018 – 2019 included turbines, generators and complete electric part overhaul. As part of the installation our company delivered a 5kV switchgear, station service transformer, generator static excitation systems, control system of all three units and the power plant, including the SCADA system, electric protections, low voltage station service system and cabling.

The reconstruction was carried out taking applying sensitive approach to the original technology and the Art Noevau building, which is classified as part of national heritage. The project investor was ČEZ Obnovitelné zdroje s.r.o.

More information on the Hučák Overhaul, Reconstruction and Modernisation project can be found in the April issue of Stavebnictví the magazine.